Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your list you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Just look at ecommerce sites like Amazon, one way they get you to continually buy more products from them is by emailing you offers on a regular basis. – Neil Patel

As I was planning my editorial calendar for the next few months, I was discussing with a colleague the different marketing strategies I will be incorporating into my plan:

  • Blogs via WordPress site
  • Email marketing via Mailchimp and
  • Social media (FB and LinkedIn)

As we talked, I quickly realized how confusing and overwhelming it can be for a business owner faced with so many options and strategies. How do we navigate them all…what do we start with…which are the most effective!?

This blog is not about pitting email marketing against social media or blogging. Both are very effective tools and should be integrated into a full marketing strategy but today we’re taking a specific look at the benefits of email marketing, and why you MUST integrate this into your marketing plan today. Like right now. Stop procrastinating and sign up….(pause) did you sign up yet?

Email marketing lends itself in being an extremely effective marketing tool, possibly one of THE most effective, not to mention the very clear benefits of being very easy to use and affordable.

Here is my take on why you need it now:


According to the Radicati Groups’ E-Mail Market, 2012-2016 report, there are ~4.3 billion email accounts in the world. According to Zephoria & Facebook Facebook’s numbers average around 1.3 billion users. The potential market is already 3x bigger in an email marketing platform…need I say more? Now onto how many people of those billions actually open your emails and see your Facebook posts.


Email marketing and social media platforms operate very differently and have different ‘rules’ in delivering content to followers. Facebook pages are restrained in their exposure as a result of the combination of complex algorithms (that are almost impossible to keep up with) and more recently, the rise in social media advertising. If you want your content seen, you just might have to pay for it! Let’s take a look at the number for organic Facebook content.

FB post content is likely to be seen by about 25% of your following (Jay Baer of Convince and Convert). And this is just talking impressions – not even click throughs! Say you have 100 followers on your page. It is likely that your content will be shown to 25 of your 100 followers. Of the 25 people that follow your FB page – how many are going to actually interact and click on your post to read/hear more? Clearly, a much lower percentage.

Conversely, with email marketing, your emails are delivered successfully to about 78% of your list which means that 78 of those 100 people on your list will get your email in their inbox.  SocialMouths attributes the 22% deficit to bounces, spam/junk, and delivery fails. You have a much higher chance using email marketing that your followers will see your messages (53 %!). The one constraint with emails is the CAN SPAM laws. Your deliverability rates can be lowered if you do not comply with the laws. To make sure this doesn’t affect you, only add people to your list who have agreed to be on your list! Pretty simple. Comply and you’re good! And REMEMBER, these are followers that opted in, that requested to see your content, so they are already open and willing to click through and see what you have to say! Score !

Know, Like & Trust Factor

How many touches does it take to make a sale? Research has shown that it takes on average 6-10 touches before a customer purchases from you. Salesforce quotes 6-8, Online Marketing Institute says 7-13, Amy Porterfield says 7-10, Russell Branson says 7.

Email marketing provides the opportunity for your customer to get to know, like and trust you through your relevant and personalized messages. Many consumers sign up to your email list as a way of getting to know you during their sales decision making process. So be strategic and relevant in the information you distribute to your list…you’re always being vetted!

Finally, be patient. Even if the first 2 emails go unread by 1 consumer – they might be encouraged to open your email the 5th, 6th or 7th time you appear in their inbox. And they’ll finally dive into your amazing content…and obviously will be hooked. So don’t despair if you start with low open rates…persistence will pay off !


The end goal for marketers is to turn a prospect into a paying customer, to convert a lead into a sale. Sales funnels and marketing strategies are primarily built around this end goal; to convert a maybe to a yes; measured by click throughs, sign ups, and sales,

Email marketing has the corner market in conversions. In one statistic comparing email click through rates (CTRs) to Twitter CTRs, email CTR’s were more than triple the rates of Twitter. Let’s take a quick look at purchases. A survey conducted by Monetate, reported the following stats on visitors and their likelihood of making a purchase from a corresponding email or post:

  • Email – 4.24%
  • Search Engines – 2.49%
  • Social Media – 0.59%

As you can clearly see, email marketing is a highly effective tool to use throughout your marketing strategies. And inexpensive to boot! Your customers get an inside look into who we are, what we’re talking about and what your values are. They know, like and trust factor grows exponentially as they learn more about you and they start to value the content that you are providing. There is huge potential in cultivating an engaged email list – and creating that list isn’t as hard as it seems! So start today!

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Have fun building your list!