There’s something about January. The ancient Romans depicted it as having two faces—one looking back at the past year, and one looking forward to the year ahead; it is the time when we reflect on what has been and plan on what’s to come.

As I look back on 2016 and forward to 2017, one word comes to the forefront: Creativity.

This past year, more so than any other, I allowed myself time for self-reflection, and time for play. In doing so I was constantly inspired and renewed, and it cleared a path for me to create my life as I want it to be.

Thank You 2016

2016 gifted me with so many opportunities for personal development and fun, but there are a few experiences that stand out:Virtual Assistant Business Coach

First, I hired a business coach. Working with Ivy Slater helped me to clarify what I truly want, and empowered me to seek balance between my business and personal goals.  As a result, I was able to expand my team, grow my business, and improve my own systems and processes.

Attending the Landmark Forum built on that clarity, and challenged me to go beyond some of the limiting beliefs I had, to realize greater possibilities for personal and professional success. Soul Camp expanded on those breakthroughs, reconnecting me to the ability we all have in childhood to dream big, play without worry, and believe that the sky is the limit.

In between these bigger, life-changing experiences were smaller, but no less important ones—road trips to Maine, holidays with family, time to visit family and friends in Colorado, and time to relax on vacation in the Bahamas.
Becoming an IntenSati Fitness Instructor was a way for me to tie all of these things together. Bringing mind, body, and spirit into harmony helped me to integrate all of the lessons learned in 2016, and face 2017 with a peaceful and purposeful spirit.

Looking Ahead to 2017

For me, that means continuing the alignment of mind, body and spirit and stepping into the New Year with a mindset of working smarter: Bringing on the right team members, bringing on the right clients, and integrating systems and processes that speed up and streamline the team’s workflow. My 2017 plan includes employing more Virtual Assistants, helping more business streamline and achieve growth and increase my business twofold.

I know that in order to accomplish those goals I need to incorporate new behaviors and new targets, I need to be crystal clear on what I want and keep that vision in the forefront on a daily basis.  I’ve created a daily routine to help keep my small and larger goals in perspective. I keep track of it all in a journal, and review my plan and progress on a weekly basis. This helps keep me honest and accountable, but also give me the flexibility to adjust if needed as I learn and grow.

My basic format has been taken and melded  together from two awesome sources. 1. The Daily Greatness Journal and 2. From the amazing Patricia Moreno-Mori – the Practice (founder of Intensati). Having been practicing bits and pieces of Patricia’s teachings over the last few months – immense mindset shifts and growths have occurred for me. Click the link for more info on her amazing teachings.


My practice:

In the Morning: 

  • Meditation – Aleph Star Pose Breath – ( learned from Primavera Salva)
  • In my journal I write down:
    • What do I want to accomplish today?
    • What am I thankful for?
    • What inspiring activities do I want to do today?
    • I AM (Creation) statements
  • Then to finish it off a ~10 min Visualization Meditation where I visualize my goals and how I will feel as I am accomplshing them.

Before Bed: Meditation – 5 min silent energy clearing/relaxation

  • Meditation – 5 min silent energy clearing/relaxation
  • In my journal I write down
    • What was fun about today?
    • What was today’s lesson?
    • What could be improved?
    • What strengths did I use today?

I start and end every day now with this routine, and I am loving it! It helps to put into perspective everything I want to achieve, and gives me those baby steps I need to keep me moving towards my larger goals.

I’ve chosen themes to guide my vision and actions, and plan to create a 2017 based on these ideas:  Ease. Massive Growth. Play. Connection.

What about you?

What did you learn from 2016? What are your themes for 2017? Have you written a plan yet to help you get there? I’d love for you to share your ideas in the comments below. Whatever you decide, I know you can create something beautiful.

Wishing you the best year ever, with much love, peace and happiness.